All around the A – De Liby [Cameroon]

libyI admitted to not knowing about Cameroonian Hip hop till the other day when I came across some good artists from the west African country. I therefore informed them to be sending their wonderful music over here so we can share it with the rest of Africa. So far we are receiving a couple and almost all of them are pretty dope. The kind of music they make over there is actually fresh. One such artists is De Liby, a hip hop artist with a laid back touch to his music.

I listened to his single Pray for Me and loved it. It is a chilled out jam, something to ride around to in these unpredictable Nairobi streets. There are so many party African jams around so you can only appreciate something different right now. The producer did an awesome with it too, the percussions are insane. This is one video I’m definitely looking forward to. But till then, Africa is my home so I will stay in Africa for as long as God wants me to.
Coz I’m here to entertain. Y’all can pray for me 🙂

Facebook : De Liby

Twitter : @deliby1

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