All around the A – DSP [Liberia]

I’m a hopeless romantic, whatever that means lol. But really, love conquers all, that is one thing we have to agree on. In all my mighty gangsta being, I do have a lady somewhere that makes me lose a breathe, literally. Funny how the people we love and care about so much, are the ones who hurt us so bad. but I guess, that is how the wheels of life are oiled to run. When in love, people make a lot of promises, I do that too. My ex once made me listen to The Promise by The Martins and I ended up making one too. Which made me pay a close interest to Liberia’s DSP when I came across his single, ‘Promise’. Let’s do this Monrovia style (pun intended). I love listening to love songs, whenever I’m not on my Hip Hop zone, I vibe to some smooth love ballads. It feeds the heart some calmness. Today, I’m jamming DSP, all the way from Liberia.

I love it when I stumble on strange music and it immediately becomes my favorite, that means I’ll be abusing the repeat button. DSP’s Promise is currently facing the torture, sadly 😦 . Ernesto Dweh-Sidi-Papay-2 Herbert is one of those extremely talented artists. From a country not yet widely known musically, he has used his unique accent mix with general afro style plus the contemporary western style to create a whole new classical international standard of music. now Liberia is thoroughly on our radar, musically

After listening to his rendition of gangnum style (Monrovia Style), I still dint know what to make of his music. Luckily, I played Promise and it has stuck on my mind. Something about the electric rock guitars serenading the instrumental or just his smooth vocals. African artists always get me trippy with these good music though. I just wanna keep listening all day yo. You see, a song with a story stands out simply because in most if not all cases, you will find a million guys who can relate to your story.  On a sombre mood, I wish my girl could promise to never let go, and stick to that promise. Al in all, this is a good love song for all out here. Let my heartbreaks not ruin your moments 🙂

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