All around the A – Donteh [Kenya]

So many things to talk about but no enough time. Sounds like a verse from a song, right? Well, my life is basically one long unending music. Possibly an opera. talking about music, it’s what pulled me back here. it’s been hectic promoting my sisters single and hence, I was left with less time to put up articles. Nonetheless, African artists have been steady grinding and nothing makes me proud and happy at the same time like that. With that said, I’m thinking of starting to post audios here too but at the moment it’s just that, a thought.

Honestly, I was not in a rush to resume posting articles but this song by Donteh made me to. If my memory serves me right, we have shared Donteh’s music here before. Doing a follow up article on an artist makes me glad since I kn ow they haven’t quit but are putting in work still. I love music, just serve me that good music and Lord knows you are my next best friend. Keep serving it to me and we are friends forever. In the case of Donteh, he is one artist that I see going international if he keeps up with this good work. Plus come to think of it, Vybez has left a vacuum that needs to be filled, who said an African artists can’t do that? In anticipation of the official video to this single, he has put out this other video to keep the momentum building. That’s just how serious the guy is. Let’s get into Donteh’s Garage 🙂

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