All around the A – Toolman [Uganda]

Okay, here is the thing, I know exactly what I want to share in this post, I just don’t know how I want to put it out. First, I’m hysterically laughing as I type this. Ever bumped on one of those music that swiftly changes your mood and you get hyper? Today I got two of them, first, my friend Tech – the African Dream from Malawi sent me a smoking single that I aint even know its title. But Tech is another story all together, let me pick up from there another day. Just know that the boy is sure destined to make our Continent proud. Now I’m chilling online and randomly clicking links to listen to what the good children of our motherland have been making and I come across Toolman’s music. 37 seconds into the songs and everything else has to wait….

This has to be one of the most captivating yet grimy videos I have seen this year. Toolman is a Ugandan dancehall artist who according to online sources, is based in Germany. But I would like to think of him as Shabba Ranks kid brother if you ask me. Image aside, the guy has mad energy and it’s clearly visible from watching the visual. If you have ever doubted the realness of how Africans are happy, then you just need to play Toolman’s Leka Tuzilye video to confirm that. Shot in a ghetto set up, the dancers perfectly pulled a thriller on this. I love how they go about shaking their African drums all through the video. the energy is crazy! Miley Cyrus surely need to own a copy of this just in case she attempts to twerk again, there will be useful lessons for her. As much as I hate comparisons, it’s not a secret that Burna Boy has a serious competition out here. In the meantime, can we all just dance  and have some maaaaaaad fun :-). Shourr outs to Toolman.

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