A Day in Life of a Holly – Where is my Underwear?

I don’t even wanna start this post by saying that there are a lot of things in my mind (literally), though that is the truth. I swore never to write another article about me, myself and my miserable life but yo, apologies, I just have to. I remember my Ex telling me that I only think about her when I’m lonely and I reiterated by saying that my life is never lonely! Truth is, that is the naked truth 😦 I refused to let my life be boring. I’m religious and all but I still don’t believe of the life after death bullshit so to me it’s just YOLO!! So yesterday, there was no electricity in my hood (fuck, I already wrote about that) and I decided to go to town for a business meeting with a colleague. Note that none of them relates anyway.

After the successful meeting, where we discussed the way to promote African music, I headed back to my neck of the hoods and slept. Around 2000hours, my boo thang called me and insisted that I visit her. No, truth is, I insisted to see her before ending the night. After listening to a lot of Tech, you MUST fall in love, I guarantee you this. So as I chill with my sweet thang, my cousin calls to inform me that it’s the first Friday of the month and you know what it is, time to get high!! I have the sweetest girlfriend in the world. We always have a very honest conversation whenever we are together. Like tonight, I’m telling her how I fucked this  white lady in a shower at a friends place and she is really enjoying the convo. If that aint love, then please don’t wake me up from this dream.

I head over to my cousin’s place and there is a full bottle of liquor on the table. But before I start sipping, I play for them Irie by my sister Mishu. Now, allow me to boast just how blessed I am. You see, I happen to have the best sister in the whole world. Have you ever had that friend that you can talk to about anything? I mean the person you can share your relationship woes and she understands. You talk about your dreams and nightmares and she understands still. How amazing it is if that person is your sister! Ooh I’m so blessed 🙂 I play irie to my cousin (who is a very staunch Hip Hop head by the way) and he totally digs it!!! This calls for a celebration, and what better way to do it than drink?  I have to whatsApp Mish and tell her just how amazing her vocals are (according to the guys I’m chilling with). After filtering all the explicits though, she is under age so I’m very protective of her and that implies to what any nigga says, I gotta ensure they aint eroding my kid sister’s  mental. So today I’m talking to Mishu and it just occurs to me just how far we have come. I remember back in the day when guys told me that she can’t sing nor rap and I’m just wasting time with her. But I believed in her. Anyway, no one has ever believed in me, so I make it a point in believing in people. I have to drink something and since I hate talking when I’m drunk, I throw my phone away and grab the tumbler. One shot, two shots, three shots like AbNorm. Life is goood!!!

You see, you guys never understand how far we have come really. Up to date , I still owe it to my nigga Sketch for everything we have achieved. Dr3am Ville is the future and now that Mishu is firmly in control, I’m excited to see what the future holds. We have come from far bruh.  F.A. R than far East. I’m sipping, with some guys that I’ve never met, but fuck it, liquor makes us related, blood makes us family. For now, we are one big happy family. When liquor get’s in, truth gets out, so they say. Niggas that act all gangstar and shit are now confessing shit and crying at what they have done to their girlfriends. I’m laughing my guy. I’m the last person you wanna hear confessing coz my life is a drama. So I just listen and laugh at what this idiots are discussing. Anyway, we drink until 3.49 a.m and I decide to hit the sacks.

I wake up at 5 to visit the gents and just when I’m about to slide back under the warm blanket, I remember that Tech asked me to write his bio which is due on Saturday. I gotta wake up! You see, I come from a past of letdowns, and I promised myself that I’ll never let someone down, as long as I have the power to assist, Holly will always do his best. Before I think straight, I have to take a shower. I head to the bathroom and switch on the warm tap. Just then, I remember how a student died due to the malfunction of a shower switch. I put it off instantly. Jesus knows I’m not ready to die. Not before I write Tech’s bio. Truth is, Tech has to be one of the most outstanding artists I’ve ever worked with, apart from Shukid that is. I wish y’all could take time and sample these guys’ works. You will be sprung 🙂 So I get into the bathroom for my cold shower and as I look around, there is no bathing net! Damn, the devil must have came back when I was imbibing, how the hell can’t I trace a bathing net? I can’t take a proper shower without a bathing net :-(. I act all light skin and use my underwear as a bathing net. It’s white in colour but apparently after scrubbing myself with it, the colour is greyish black 😦 Be the judge (just remember the holy book says ‘do not JUDGE)

After that refreshing cold shower, I dress and get ready for the day’s hustle. Normally, I wear three boxers! (as seen below)


You can’t trust these Kenyan ladies, so Holly has to ensure his dick is safe ! I frantically search for my underwear but I can’t find it:-( Time is running out so I just have to settle for the two that I got. Lucky is the lady that will get close to me today, my dick is accessible!

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4 thoughts on “A Day in Life of a Holly – Where is my Underwear?

  1. Man. Don’t know where to start from. It was just yesterday when I told you how your writing is awesome. Never boring. Now this ? Trying to prove a point ? Lol. And nigga you fuckking crazy. I love this whole thing. I can go thru it again. Keep writting man. You were born to write.

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