AAA : Viceroy – Ankolo [Malawi]

It’s been a minute I haven’t really talked to Vic’. Not that I have a problem with him, but just the memory of Frank Cn makes me try to stay away. This was actually the first artist I wrote his bio and he has gone ahead to prove us write. how I wish my brother Frank was here to witness. Anyway, my team at dr3am Ville sent me a link to his new music Ankolo and as expected, I was extremely impressed. Frank was right from the word go when he signed this kid to HB records. Vic has got that juice that sets him in a league of his own. I’m a ware of his up coming album and I can’t wait to get hold of it, pure talent.

He combines music and comedy so well. I still maintain that he is Africa’s Kendrick Lamar. Just download his latest single Ankolo and watch this short webisode to confirm what I’m talking about.

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