AAA : Dj Toots – Instagram [Zambia]

instAfter the best weekend I’ve had in a while, it feels amazing getting back to the grind mode. As a matter of fact, I’ve been looking forward to Monday for the first time in alooong time. Part of the reason why I couldn’t wait for today is to share some great music that I received during the weekend, one of them being Instagram! So the homie Brizzo hit me up with a link  to his latest work and it happens to be a video for Dj Toot’s Instagram feature Thee Ajay, F Jay and Prince Merv!!! Here is the thing, we no longer debate about F Jay’s vocal prowess, that’s a proven fact that the brother sings incredibly well. Whenever F Jay partners with Urban Hype, good music is always guaranteed. Now add Marvel to that and you get fire. Come to think of it, I’d like to imagine he calls himself Prince just because King is overrated, right? 

I love what Brizzo has done in directing this video. With a simple house party kinda setting, he has utilized great camera angles and motion to deliver a well crafted final edit. FAFO is the future, and with these type of skills, the future sure looks bright. This is one visuals that needs to go continental. I, as the almighty @WeAfrican, have approved of it. Who are you not to follow suite? The say well done is better done than said, I have to salute y’all for the great work guys. Let good music reign. And ooh, not so fast, Yo Merv, can I have the number of the shawty in white that’s grinding her African drum on you? I guess that’s not too much to ask from a brother 🙂

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