All around the A – VYPA [The Gambia]

It’s been a hot minute (like my brother Tehn Diamond would put it) without me checking on my friends from The Gambia. As small as it is, the Smiling Coast has some of the most interesting artists in Africa. Think about the ever surprising Gee or the vocally supreme Suga. These are just a few of the artists that are putting The Gambia on the international music radar. I always believe that from where awesomeness emanates, much more resides. Thus, I explored to see what more I could get from the Smiling Coast, the result was Vypa. Having came across him earlier on in the year when he released his 2014 Freestyle. I had to check up and see what the brother has been up to.

Initially, i thought Vypa is so much into the underground scene, so you can imagine my disbelief when I bumped on his single Swag, alongside Fafadi. For starters, the song has been produced Sunland Music, the best studio in The Gambia. From day one, I have always been a fun of Bilal and the entire team at Sunland Music, they are some of the most selfless beings I have come across. They have managed to create some of the greatest hits that fuse African instrumentals with total vocal clarity. Listening to Swag and you easily prove this. If you ask me, this is the direction that I’d advice Vypa to take. Gee is currently the greatest artists because his music stands out as unique. I have to replay Swag like three more times before I resume writing. I’m such a fun of good music 🙂 If we have to put a face to versatility, then Vypa’s picture should be next to it in the dictionary. The next single straight away proves that.

It takes courage and balls to explore something beyond your comfort zone. Many artists shy away from that and stick to the tried and tested ways that work for them. Vypa is not one to limit himself. Recorded on the trending Dj Mustard type of beat, Hot Boy gives him room to explore his lyrical ability, which he does so well. Able to mix Wolof and English, this one cuts across well. The video has amazing camera angle and motions too. Something that gives it the complete trap feel. I can’t wait to see what more this guy has in store for us. But as of now, I’m very impressed with the strides he is making. Surely an artist worth looking out for. Salute to the Hot Boy Vypa!

Twitter : @vypa_

Facebook : VYPA


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