All around the A – MADE [Kenya]

There is a thin line between wisdom and meekness. I don’t know which of the two I posses but I feel I owe y’all an apology for putting up more posts this week. The good thing is, I have a great team at AAA and they did understand. To the artists who submitted their music, I was and still is sick. Health is very important if you ask me, but right now it seems nothing can ever be any important than music to me. So I just have to pull myself together and share with y’all the amazing music that Africa’s greatest have been making. An artist invited me to his EP launch this coming Saturday, which unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend coz of my ailing body. So I thought I can at least listen to his music and share with the rest of Africa, to show our support and unity. Ladies and gentlemen, meet MADE.

For an artists named MADE, we sure are thrilled to know just what makes him. That means we have to keenly listen to his mixtape, which is artfully titled MADE BY MADE! A few tracks into the listen and Excellence stands out already. Mshamba is a clever execution I must admit, but only Kenyans and maybe East Africans will understand the concept and theme. It takes a lot of work to put up a mixtape, I respect artists who are able to come up with a substantial material. MADE clearly prefers his beats laid back, which gives him the freedom to express himself and execute rhymes with confidence. Being a CMG artist, he has the luxury of working with one of the best producers, Superprodusir Chris and that means that the quality of the EP is at its best!

I like artists who portray a sense of organization and MADE is one of them. From the artwork to covers to pictures. It does speak a lot about how serious you take your art. Using both English and Swahili languages just means he has another added advantage too; he can reach a wider audience, though we had already proven that language is not an issue when good music is concerned. I surely look forward to seeing more of MADE here on AAA. Just sad that I can’t attend his launch tomorrow. But hey, for the love of hip hop, Africa is with you, go ahead make us proud.

Download Music : SoundCloud

Facebook : MADE 254

Twitter : @MADEKarubiu


4 thoughts on “All around the A – MADE [Kenya]

  1. Hey, thank you sire, it comes from years of yearning to support our amazing artists. and we appreciate you so much for all the support.

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