AAA : Tech – Pa Ochepa Omwewo [Malawi]

I was honored to have pre-listened to this song a few months ago and since then, I have been waiting with baited breath for the official release. Tech is just one of those artists that keeps surprising me with each and every single release (pun intended). From The first time I heard Falling in Love, I knew that this brother from the warm heart of Africa has got what it takes to make great music. What’s even better is the fact that he can comfortably do both laid back ballads like Kodi Wavomera and Tsemwe as well as high tempo dance jams like Falling in Love and now the great infectious Pa Ochepa Omwewo!

After the success of Tsemwe, it was only logical for Tech to aim and raise the bar with his next visual offering and he has done just that. On other unrelated news, I think Ron Cz has become the go-to-guy in Malawi when you want a sick video! Most of the great visuals from down there has Ron Cz stamp on them. From the video, it’s visible that Malawi is indeed a beautiful place. I love the outdoor setup as it provides us with amazing scenes. However, I was expecting Tech to join the damsel in the swimming pool 😦  I feel let down. It’s only fair to get to share some water contact with a lady as beautiful as this video vixen. But who am I to know what happened in the cut out scenes? Hahahaa, I’m so perverted. On a serious note, i need me a Malawian lady by my side, yes, after watching this video, that’s what a normal guy would wish for. Don’t even try convincing me otherwise, Lupita already said all our dreams are valid! Salute to Tech and the entire D&T Records team for this masterpiece. next time, ust ensure the dance moves are choreographed and more vigorous. I love the kid dancing towards the end though, I just hope Madonna will not adopt him before I do. *serious face*

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