AAA : Alh Vandy – Superstar Love [Sierra Leone]

Whenever I see a ‘Nick Asgil’ directed video, I have to watch and listen to the song. Since I watched his first work, I have always looked forward to more of his video offerings and believe me you, nick does a superb job in uplifting the music quality in the West African state. Now that is how you build a reputation. yesterday, I was sent another song from my favorite West African. Salone, as I have come to fondly refer to Sierra Leone, must have the most friendliest Africans. I just have a special kind of bond with them. Being a new arrival at the AAA, I still don’t know much about Alh Vandy, the Sierra Leonean born R&B singer but his determination and hard work is sure to make him a regular at Around Africa. Remember, our sole motive is to uncover hidden talents all around the beautiful motherland, Africa.

So on this particular single, Vandy teams up with Lex Bubble and PM, who are heavyweight hip hop rappers back in Salone. We have a lot of work to do and uncover more information about the duo as well. Anyway, the song is melodious with a good content to it. The rappers surely added oomph to it. I particularly liked the wordplay on the second verse. The video, as expected, draws me even more closer to Sierra Leone. Africa is awesomely beautiful. Let me go find my superstar lover too 🙂

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