AAA : Gee – Burn Up Party [Gambia]


Now now now, like my brother MJ would say,  this is it! I honestly didn’t see this one coming but yo, it’s Gee we talking about right? Gambia, nope, The Gambia is one of the richest countries in African music and culture and no artist has managed to showcase that better than Gee. I had already verified that Gee is among the fearless artists who are as diverse as it can get, always exploring new sounds and experimenting with music. The results are always magical. Yet i didn’t envision him going all the way to collaborate with non other than Demarco! the dancehall star was in Kenya a few months back and guys really love him. Demarco is such a great performer, and Gee is the best from the West, now put two and two together to see what we end up with.

A quick check on my calendar, I confirm that it’s still April, yet Gee has given us the year’s biggest record. Have I already mentioned that Africa is always proud of Gee? Now I have, that is if I forgot to in the first place. I’m not sure whose party we are head to burn up right after this, but I’m so certain its going to happen all year long. Respect to Demarco for linking up with one of Africa’s greatest! Our motherland has been well represented yo. By the way Gee, I’m patiently waiting for that Album, never forget that. Salute to The Smiling Coast 🙂

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