AAA: Le Cleric – Super Heroes [Kenya]

I always find it hard whenever I’m supposed to write an article concerning the people I consider as my mentors and inspirations. Something about God blessing my idols, they should never be my rivals, rings a bell? That’s J. Cole and I happen to tread on that line more often than not. Ironically, as much as I find inspiration in each and everyone, only a handful of guys I can confidently claim to be my mentors. When I started doing music, I rarely asked for people’s opinions but along the way, I identified a few guys who were and still are brutally honest with me. Now as an artist, you need as many of such guys as possible. Just too bad they are not easy to come by. To me, Le Cleric is one such guy. But that deserves a full article all together, and a bottle of Amarula 🙂 Apart from being a poet, Le Cleric is also a conscious emcee, one of the few, *sigh*. In an industry ruled by dance music and pop culture, you don’t get his kind much. That also means that his music, just like my role model, J. Elect’s, are rare to come by.

Over the weekend, he dropped a great jam, Super Heroes, and I have been playing it since. I get exposed to a lot of music and different sounds, mostly club music so over a duration, I had missed listening to someone who was rapping and deeply expressing himself from the heart. The heavy hip hop beats on this jam makes me abuse the replay button so much! The delivery is amazing, the level of lyricism is not of your everyday rapper. Mark you, Le Cleric is an emcee, aye? The hook tops up the great work, making it a soulful record.  Off his album, the power of XIII, this is another classic that you will not be ashamed listening to many years from now. Good music lasts the test of time, believe me. Activate your Super hero power today as you listen to Le Cleric’s music.

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