All around the A – Static Supreme [Kenya]

Okay, this one right here took me more than is necessary to figure out the origin of this artist. For the simple fact that I refused this type of music to be Kenyan. Things have changed really. I mean back in the day you could tell after the first 10 seconds of a song that it is Kenyan. I have to recheck again to confirm for sure if I was listening to the right song and if I have got the correct link. I’m appalled. Ladies and gentleman of the great African Continent, meet Static Supreme, straight from Nairobi Kenya. I don’t major in the love department, especially the heartbreaks and such kind due to my personal experiences, but this brother got me listening to his song from start to finish because of the way he has told his story. A musician should be able to paint pictures with words, Static did just that. I still had to be certain that he is Kenyan so I searched further for a background info.

Listening to My Nuggen Black night, it shows great potential, an artist that is able to be great if he continues with being persistent. I run My Show is another great offering. At this point, I can clearly see his diversity. Something that inspires me in any artist. By the way, how come it takes so long before we discover good music? Like why do we really have it hard to recognize great artists? Most of you are so conservative with what you listen to, and then their is a whole lot that depend on radio to dictate their playlist and what they consume musically. You are really missing out on a lot of good music out here. I don’t know if Babz is the one credited with all his music production but I love what I’m listening to. Static is definitely supreme. With the right packing and industry insight, he can go continental because he already has the language advantage.

Today, I can clearly say I’m proud coz I discovered something new. And like always, I share with you wonderful guys whenever I come across that good African music. Listen to Static Supreme on Reverbnation and understand the versatility I was talking about earlier. I so loooove Zulu Qlique!! His latest single, the one that actually landed on our desk is the well told story in Die, watch and share your feedback.

Facebook: static supreme
Twitter : @static_supreme
Instagram: staticsupreme

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