Around Africa : Sticky Stax & Classick [Malawi]

I was going over Ron Cz’s YouTube channel, whom I declared the best video director down in Malawi after realizing that most of the outstanding visuals in the Southern African country are done by him. While there, I bumped on a single that is sure to change the rap game locally if not continental. I mean I have seen and heard some lethal stuff in the past but hearing this two and getting to know that they are just getting started meant so much. Whenever I vision the Malawian rap scene, a few names come to mind. I’m not that conversant with the industry down there but I know some good artists like Gini Black, Viceroy, Revolver,  Gingy, Tanaposi, Hypa, and the lady Juda Gaga that have so far caught our attention. So I click play and just spend 30 minutes staring at the computer screen, the only thing I do is press replay.

Okay hol’ up (sorry for the pun), let’s be real for a minute, since Viceroy’s Demeti and Juda Gaga’s verse on So What, I’ve never heard an artist go half as hard as these cats. I listen to music from all over Africa and believe me you, Sticky and Classick are good. They have done some wonderful justice to this record. I may be so much of a rap/hip hop head but even the Joe in the streets will have to give these guys credit. Kenya has lethal lyricists but when I shared this track with them, they too had to cosign that there was mad talent on the duo. I have scoured the net, trying to dig all the information I could about them. So far, I have only been able to establish that Sticky Stacks is a producer cum rapper. Matter of fact, he made the instrumental to the song. Classick, on the hand is part of Homegrown Africa. At this point, I must give it to the D&T records for all the good music they have been putting out in the couple days. Good music travels bruh.

The amount of talent in Africa amazes me honestly. At times I just wish the whole world could take just a day and pay respect to African musicians. they would change their perceptions forever. If this is what the future holds for Hip hop and rap, then West African afro beats that is currently ruling the continental charts better start re-strateging. Ooh shit, we have already done it!! If you wanna flex, be ready to back it up. As of now, I have to give it to Classick and Sticky for not only coming straight for the crown, but also being able to back it up. Artists bewared, all that you think you are doing, they already done it bruh. Levels done changed here. Salute to Ron Cz for the classic video. Africa is proud of y’all.

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8 thoughts on “Around Africa : Sticky Stax & Classick [Malawi]

  1. ..homegrown (classick en hayze) is surely the best there is in malawi now…these niggaz can even run the hip-hop scene the whole Africa … props ..#Homegrown ..#dierich

  2. HGA is like Malawi’s diamond in the rough, they a bunch of some down to earth niggas having a great time doing what they love….i think that much is heard, from the ever so illusive word play and stunning instrumentals….if i was a millionaire, i would invest in these niggas, Khumbo Chimango will forever remain a loyal fan….#NP Die rich!!!! #HGA taking over

  3. I luv these Niggaz cuz they r makn Malawi 2 b dope in the Hip Hop industry,both their Flo’z n beats impress me unlike the man’fuckin Gwamba n Revolver

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