#Mixtape – GnX presents; Rap x Streetlights [Kenya]

gnxAfter a stellar job on the production of King Shukid’s double tape; Sleepless Nights, GnX has decided to give the industry his own offering in form of a mixtape. The ID37 Music producer/sound engineer with an elusive persona is set to release Rap x Streetlights on the 27th of April. Just like Sleepless Nights, it will not be a free mixtape. The fourteen track mixtape will be available for purchase on Kenya’s premier music site waabeh as well as in hard copies. The indie label that is ID37 seems to be setting standards in a unique way, getting rid of the usual free download mixtape mentality and instead demanding payment for their craft. But guess what, if you know your worth as an artist, then you have every right to get paid for your creative content. Don’t even front about that.

Being the cool guys that they are, they granted us access to the tracklist and cover art which we have hence shared with you guys. Apart from his label mates Shukid, Kavuela and Faraqumin, the guest apperance still includes the usual suspects of Young Hayze, 125’s Sydney and Rabsari and only one guest producer in Play Makr. Should make for a great listen if you ask.

1. Streetlights

2. The Design (Prod by GnX Music)

3. Don’t Doubt (ft. Shukid) (Prod by PlayMakr)

4. Fresh (ft. Shukid & Kavuela)

5. Life Of The Party (Prod by PlayMakr)

6. You Should Know

7. Friday Freeflow

8. Number One (ft. Kavuela, Rabsari, Shukid & Sydney)

9. Perfection (ft. Rabsari) (Prod by GnX Music)

10. Skit

11. The Claim (ft. Kavuela) (Prod by GnX Music)

12. Kevin’s Back

13. My Time

14. Kevin’s Back – Extended (ft. Faraqumin, Young Haze & Shukid)

The lead single, Life of the Party was released sometime back and you can stream it below. Considering Grands laid back delivery, I am so certain Africa will love this. The future is still ID37’s to shape. Look forward to the 27TH April.

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