All around the A – X Maleya [Cameroon]

Have you ever come across that song that you just keep replaying and after every single play you ask yourself why you didn’t know of its existence in the first place? A times I really wonder which part of Africa I live it. How can I ever miss out on some of the best music out here really? Apparently, there is a super dope group of three artists from Cameroon and who have been making some of the best music the world can ever have. Just today, out of nowhere, i bumped on one of their releases, a 2009 record titled Yelele. Ooh how I have been smitten. Man you can’t help but love a good song. From the smooth strings to the charming vocals to everything, I mean just everything harmoniously blends perfectly well in this jam. I’m here singing French bruh. With a mission to promote Cameroonian and African culture, three gemtlemen; Roger, Auguste and Haiss, collectively known as X Maleya are out to conqour the world.

I honestly don’t know much about Cameroonian music, apart from the few artists we have interacted with with there like Ngoma and De Liby. Right now, I just wanna listen to more of X Maleya. These guys really reminds me of Bisso Na Bisso from Congo. I love it when African artists make use of the wonderful instrumentals we have here in our beautiful motherland and not just get restricted to computer generated sounds. The sound of Africa percussion itself sends a warm message of love and happiness whenever it is pounded 🙂 Ooh yes we African. The way the group has been able to fuse singing and rap, so effortless in the remix to Yelele leaves one speechless. I love me some cool lingala fused with afrobeats.

All of their music provokes an emotion deep within one’s soul that you are left wondering if they made the music specifically for you. After listening to Hola me, I’m lefty wondering why those Grammys are not yet landing on our African soil. hey, you know me guys, I get carried away whenever I come across a gem in form of music. let me not drag you along my fantasies. Just listen to X Maleya and relax, thank God everyday that you are part of this amazing continent called Africa. As for x Maleya, we are so proud of you guys. Long live Cameroon, keep making the motherland proud.

Facebook : X-Maleya

Twitter : @X_Maleya

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