Around Africa – Azma [Tanzania]

I’m on my Hip hop shit today. That must be so disrespectful to ye good people of our motherland. Culture and traditions teaches us that we ought to start by greeting each other. On that note, good morning Africa, how was your Easter Holidays? Now that I’m a good son, let me get going. Kenya lost a Hip Hop legend, Gwiji, who was laid to rest over the weekend. R.I.P to a solder, long live real Hip Hop. And that inspired me to put up an article of a hip hop artist today. I have had so many options to choose from, since last week Thursday, my mail is flooded with Hip Hop music and believe me the guys are niiiice 🙂 But I was looking for that Xfactor, the one who would stand out from the pile. So i decided to go with content, I had missed the good old days when music was, well, “kioo cha jamii”. All you non- Swahili speaking nations, go ponder. That should already tell you that we are Tanzania bound, deep into the East of Africa. Meet the one and only Azma!

One thing about Tanzanian Hip Hop, whether we would so love to disagree, is the fact that they have retained that underground Hip Hop, ever! I’m listening to Azma and Darkmaster’s We never Give Up as I type this. That should act as a proof to the point above. Listening to these guys, Kenya’s legendary outfit, UkooFlani Mau Mau comes to mind. I miss those days when music was a bridge through which society reached out to the powers that be. One thing that clearly stands out about Azma is his patriotism and how he is in touch with the common mwananchi’s hustles. This, you can easily realize while listening to his music. They are just not rhymes clamped together, they are powerful messages. Talk about Mungu Inusuru Tanzania… I can go to any lengths to support an artist who shows patriotism to his/her state and Africa at large. Y’all know my heart bleeds for our motherland mahn.

The brother is a good storyteller yo. He has a way with words for real. So he can as well do lovey dovey music? I’m still trying to find he who doesn’t love. Seems like even the hardest hearts out here also soften when love comes knocking lol. That was being versatile, as an artist, you should be able to tackle different aspects of life. Good job Azma, just make sure you tell us “kipimo cha penzi” if you finally get to know it, so that we too may know 🙂 Anyway, the song that actually brought Azma to our attention is his release alongside Cant Didas and Kita in the politically charged single, Utata wa Katiba. watch it below and give us your feedback. On our side, we honestly wish more African artists could release more positive music, just like Azma.


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