Around Africa : Heroes Exposed [Zambia]

Am I allowed to RANT a little? African artists, please work on your online presence, especially if you are AN UP AND COMING ACT! There are a million of your ilk fighting for just a piece of the same media exposure that you are dying to have. Stand out from the crowd. Any entertainment writer (I excluded) will never scavenge the internet in search of your basic information. It should be all out there in the open, pictures included. Never use being “an upcoming artist” as an excuse, please. Package yourself well. With that out of the way, catch me on my way to Zambia, southern Africa.

I came across a very interesting song from a Lusaka based duo that got me bopping all day long. Maybe it’s my soft spot for music that incorporates the local African dialects or instrumentation, but this guys just swooshed me away. Mwamba Sikazwe alias E- One & Romeo Katonga, musically known as Big Bizzy are Zambian artists who form the duo group Heroes Exposed. Well, AAA is about to expose these African heroes. The Top Down Beats signees have an African jam that is very addictive. The Hook is chilled out and simple. One of those songs that you just keep singing along to. Just the beat alone will get you so hooked you won’t even remember when the song started 🙂 The verses are majorly done in the local Zambian language and its so coooool. Ooh, did I remind y’all how Africa is blessed with a gem of cultural diversity?

Apart from the theme of the song, Ma Ting is one of those boisterous jams that you play at the end of a day when you have just achieved that which they thought you will never get. Like just pumping it loud and looking at critics like, on your faces bitches, now is Ma Ting!! I love these guys, we will make sure to do a follow up post and maybe get them for an AAA interview. These are the kind of artists that the whole of Motherland needs to recognize. S/o to Heroes Exposed from the highest point of Africa.

Facebook : Heroes Exposed Zambia

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