#Mixtape : S.F.E – Dizzo [Malawi]

sfe copyAllow me to be a bit disobedient today and ignore our cultural behaviors. Simply put, no greetings for y’all, reason being, I have so much music to share and too little a time. And ooh, Nairobi is very shiny, the more reason why I should be umped! Heading straight to the warm heart of Africa, Blantyre-Malawi. A while back, we interviewed DiZzo and I remember him mentioning about a mixtape that was in the works. Well, I am happy to have lived and seen its release because honestly, this is the best thing to have happened to Malawian hip hop scene and Africa urban music in general. A1 music has declared their entrance in the African music arena.

S.F.E(Something For Everybody) is that tape that I will be playing long after the dust has settled on its hype. The mixtape is a compilation of 15 tracks from the rapper/Singer/Producer with the genres ranging from Hip-hop,Dancehall, R&B, Reggae and House. Now i hope you understand the essence of the title and how appropriate it is.  With a host of features from some of my favorite Malawian artists including Dominant1, NesNes, RebelMusiQ and many more, it is an obvious demonstration of the artist’s versatility and natural chemistry with all genres in his element. Just on the first click of play, 265:365 stands out as a perfect introduction. I had to replay that to pledge allegiance to Blantyre 🙂

Now if you are privy to my mind-state, then you know all so well that i never attempt to review any body of work, instead I just share my opinion on it and highlight some of my favorites off of it. On SFE, I clearly have a couple, that is if I am to choose in the first place. There is  straight up killer Hip Hop jam, Get Up featuring the legendary D1. As a matter of fact, double Ds killed it straight off on that joint. Nes Nes has done a fabulous job on his guest appearance in Miss Me. That is a ballad I can chill to. Ndatopa is for the real rap lovers. If you appreciate the art of rap, I recommend that one for you. Plus I like the fact that DiZzo incorporated chichewa through and through on it, that was a clever move. As for changes, we aint gonna do it any time soon baby, as a matter of fact, let’s just dance this shame away as we listen to Osasowa. Hey, why I’m I even ranting here, go listen to DiZzo yourself as there sure is something for everyone and tell a brother your feedback yo!

Download/Stream S.F.E

Twitter : @A1_DiZzO

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