AAA : Rap X Streetlights – GnX [Kenya]

gnxJust from the first single, Streetlights – which I guess is the titled track for this Ep – this has to one of the most interesting compilations I have heard in a long while.  As far as Winter Solace by Raiza Biza that is. And I clearly believe that Grands is heavily slept on. So ID37 decided to surprise us one more time and bless us with another independent release in form of a mixtape. And guess what, they are still not giving anyone free music. That’s just how serious about their worth and art these guys are! We don;t have an option really but to judge this project by the short samples that waabeh allows for free streaming. On a brighter note, I think this will improve the culture of buying music all over Africa. coz if you ask me, aint no way I will live another day without purchasing Streetlights. The jazz/trumpet or whatever instrument that has been used in that single is insane. Couple with GnX smooth flow, that one is going to be my favorite am for a looong while.

It’s at this point that I realize I haven’t even read what the press release says about this whole project. So for starters, GnX is the main producer/sound engineer for ID37 Music, an independent Kenyan record label that aims to change the Hip Hop scene in the whole of Africa. After successfully debuting their first artist, King Shukid’s Sleepless Nights Ep, the label has given yet another solid work in the form of a mixtape; Rap X Streetlights by GnX. Rap & Streetlights is the bridge between GnX and the city of Nairobi. He seeks to bring out his ambitions and thoughts and to connect with the population in his own way, bringing both a unique rapping style as well as a bit of singing to the table. This sophomore effort by the Nairobi-based rapper includes features from label-mates Shukid, Kavuela & Faraqumin as well as more from Yung Haze, Rabsari and Sydney (both of 125). Production credits range from GnX himself, PlayMakr and also DJ Deckstar. Back Cover

Well, according to the samples on waabeh, the streets are about to be lit by some serious raps. Since they are not thaaaat mean, they have allowed full streaming off three singles off the mixtape name “Fresh”, “Life Of The Party” and “The Design” that you can freely play here.

Because I believe you will certainly love what grands has to offer, kindly head over to waabeh and download the full Rap & Streetlights album at a very reasonable price, I imagine. Don’t forget to give us feedback though.




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