AAA : The Imperfectionist – Raiza Biza [Rwanda]

Biza has finally released this much anticipated album. And i stress ANTICIPATED, if you didn’t, then that’s just so unfortunate coz honestly over here at AAA, we have been keeping tabs and waiting for it. From the word go, everything concerning this project has been looking awesome. Ray took a lip and decided to work with a bigger studio on this album and just from the songs we have listened to, the production was the last thing to be compromised here. If you are talking about growth, then that’s a whole different story altogether. If you did listen to Summer and the amazing Winter Solace, then you will bear witness to the solid maturity that has evolved all through the different albums up to  the Raiza Biza that we experience in this Imperfectionist album. Y’all are just about to have a feel of Biza’s Way.

Straight out outstanding, Ray has deviated from the cliche trap music and gone for a more authentic and reserved Hip Hop sound. What a joy! Even most of the top Hip Hop artists the world over have succumbed to the trap influence, not Biza though. At this point, I have to repeat Biza’s Way. That to me is the epitome of confidence. Doing you and not giving a hoot what anyone else thinks. Telling your own story the best way you can and only just praying that the rest will relate. Without a doubt, that has to be my favorite track of the album. New Kings puts Ray on another level altogether. Not often do you get to listen to this type of music, especially here in Africa. Whatever inspired this album, it has to be really meaningful coz he truly it gave his very best. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Red Bull Studios in Auckland, the album features vocal appearances from PNC, Spycc, Maia Rata, Yayne, Third3ye, Bianca Paulus, Piatao the Supervillain, Bailey Wiley, Diaz Grimm and Rizvan. The stellar production team includes Jay Knight, Crime Heat, Why SL, Haz Beats, Ill Baz and P-Money. This is one fine piece of art that you don’t wanna miss out on Africa. Go support a great artist and buy The Imperfectionist or stream it on bandcamp. One time for AmmoNation and YGB.

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Facebook : RaizaBiza

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