AAA : Kuwa Na Azma [Tanzania]

Well, here we go again Africa. I keep stressing how I get so impressed by artists who put in extra work. Just last week or so, we came across Tanzanian’s fast rising hip hop activist, Azma. After sharing his music here, I must say the response was awesome and exemplar. Many artists we have featured here sent messages and tweets stating that they loved what he does. Now what y’all don’t know yet is the guys crazy work ethic. This brother is always in the studio, recording music and it doesn’t even  stop there. He keeps releasing videos too!! 

There is a reason why he is the self appointed African Ambassador. If you love hip hop, then you better have some Azma in your playlist coz he most definitely aint going away, not anytime soon. As a matter of fact, he suggest that you add some azma in your life ! Truth is, I have not seen or heard any rapper half as conscious as Azma amongst the new age artists. Which explains a lot since I realized last week that his role model is Fid Q, another prominent figure in Africa’s Hip Hop scene. With a new video, Kuwa Na Azma, he is steadily scaling the Hip Hop terrain and sooner than you think, the whole continent will be wanting a piece of Azma.

Deviate from your normal playlist of trap and listen to some laid-back delivery, positive rap and inspirational music from Azma. Africa, watch and share your feedback on this art piece from Tanzania’s very own emcee, Azma. Hope you all will hmm, Kuwa na Azma 🙂

Facebook : Azma Hip Hop

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