All Around Africa – Corsini Migan [Benin]

Bonjour l’Afrique. Il est temps que nous sommes passés jusqu’à abit et exploré la musique française. If my Memory serves me right, then we have never featured an artist from the great west African state of Benin! it is about time we explored something fresh, away from the norm. As y’all are / should already be aware, our continent boast of some of the most naturally talented musicians the world over, they are just not exposed yet. And that is the sole purpose why we are here; to uncover the hidden talents all around Africa. Like dettol would put it, if we don’t, who will? So on our  first check on the Benin music scene and guess who we come across? A talented vocalist and a professional pianist who goes by the name Corsini Migan! Now you understand the reason for the french introduction, right?
An artist who takes time to fine-tune and practice his craft deserves much more respect. A lot more respect goes to the ones who seek professional enlightenment towards their skills. Now here is where Corsini belongs. From the information gathered, he actually spent years studying music and hence is a pianist by profession. After venturing into music, he started by doing karaoke in nightclubs with his band, ‘El Well Done’, thereby developing his vocal prowess. armed with the two, Migan set out to make the motherland proud 🙂
For someone who takes his art very seriously, it is therefore understandable that he does not have a lot of music online. Reason being, he just does not release substandard materials all over the internet like most artists do. he takes his time to ensure what gets to the market is of the best quality. Listening to his debut, Je Suis Beni, you can attest to this fact. I really love this fusion, it has an Afrobeat and lingala feel. Apart from the samples that are kind of similar to P-Square’s jam, I totally like the arrangement. Topped with a super fresh video, this has to be the type of music Africa longs for. Hey, what do y’all think of Corsini Migan?
Facebook : Corsini Migan
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