A – Interviews : Poppa Don [Kenya]

Hey, congratulations on your efforts thus far. By the way, how did you feel piecing this project together?

The feeling was priceless, I was elated all through. It was at a time where I was anxious to show my fans the level of growth I’ve employed in my art from what they knew, say a year ago.

 Were there any hiccups or times that you felt that things weren’t  working as you wanted?

There were instances where things seemed unsolvable especially when it came to fiscal matters. I wrote 3/4 of the mixtape in March & recorded in April. I wasn’t sure I was going for a whole mixtape Until Feb 28th. Grey hound 2.0 is a spontaneous act. I just flipped, wrote 11 tracks & recorded in one month. Only Katidagi Katiyie & Truth were recorded before April.

 How different was it compared to your last mixtape?

Grey Hound 2.0 has original works right from the instrumentals Used. It has more collaboration. More use of my native language in my lyricism & 13 tracks as opposed to 7 in Grey Hound 1. It reflects a greater expression of my art and is a litmus test for the growth seen in me as an artist.

 Is there something you learnt working with all these artists?

People form characters to express their art & depending on how well you synchronize your form with their form and having the wisdom to project the outcome, the results do not deceive.

Do you have a favorite off the mixtape?

I love the whole mixtape. Every track is a favorite & that’s why they made the track list.

 Which artist did you enjoy working with the most?

All the artists involved in this mixtape are a blessing. I enjoyed working with all of them.

 Any particular song that challenged you on the project?

Honestly I had an easy time composing this work of art. The only time I would say i was under pressure to deliver was when I was recording Katidagi Katiyie with Ulopa Ngoma.

 Which song was entertaining putting up together?

Tujuane. After Femi 1 declined to collaborate, I wrote & finished this track during the Easter weekend. It was effortlessly flowing from my head considering that I employed a greater ounce of kiswahili in my lyricism. To my surprise it is the most sensationalized track on my mixtape.

 So the Tujuane track was actually planned and meant to be on the mixtape?

It was planned. I wanted to collaborate with her on it. I assume my timing was off because her reasons for not being involved was that she is concentrating on her projects. So I got the idea that maybe to make this track interesting, I should dedicate it to her & tell the story behind it through the track.

That was brilliant; hopefully you two will be able to work in future. Anyway, which producer made working fun and enjoyable?

Trust, all the producers involved in this project are great people to work with. I enjoyed working with all of them.

 So what’s next after this? Anything else in store?

We’re looking at a few collaborative singles throughout the year. Apart from that I will be touring colleges & high schools promoting and selling the mixtape.

 Will we see some videos for the mixtape singles?

Yes, I have the video of the interlude (Slaughter) dropping next week…then toward the end of May; The clip a line rapper Video will drop.

Good news that is. Talking of singles, which song do you feel can make it to mainstream media?

1. Katidagi Katiyie both original & producer sonic’s version. 2. tujuane 3. I think you could. 4. Clip a line rapper. 5. Overkill residue

Good projection, what about an album, any coming out soon?

2015 for album.

Anything you would change if you were to start the whole project again maybe?

I wouldn’t change anything. I’m pleased at that work of art.

Download Poppa Don’s Grey Hound 2.0 Mixtape on Waabeh or Mdundo





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