AAA : Big Eye [Uganda]

Uganda is an amazing country to any banana lover, like me ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m seriously considering visiting there and staying for a month… or maybe a year. Now that is how you start a post after being MIA for a looong time. I’m smart, aint I? That is subject for debate, possibly another day. Right now, I have a lot of music to share. In The beginning of the year, I informed y’all that most of the artistes under our radar were seriously gearing up for this year, with intentions of releasing a plethora of music. Ooh well, they have been, so as is the norm, we all have to do our part and share with y’all.

Back to my beloved Uganda, I have come across an exciting artiste from Uganda named Big Eye. With an equally if not bigger talent, he is setting Ugandan music ablaze and we just had to squeeze him somewhere here for the whole of Africa to notice! I loooove this guys music, I can listen to this all day as I chill with my bottle of Amarula. But hey, I don’t wanna get the nun who recently accepted my proposal to turn me down at the aisle so, let’s just concentrate on the music, aye? Africa, here is your next big son, making his motherland proud! Listen to Ekikumi and let us know how you love it! I’d recommend eating some bananas while at it ๐Ÿ™‚


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