Around Africa – Ace Da Kiid [Sudan]

Here is a quick one. I have a five minute break from work and two options at hand. Either to work up to the coffeemaker for a second cup, or listen to a new song among the links I have been sent. Being the addict I am, you know which one I will go with. So there is this new kid from Sudan, I can’t tell yet whether its South or just Sudan man, I’m more interested in the music anyway. He has a single titled Overblown and I hope Africa will experience just that after listening. As for me, i’m glad that at least we have something different to talk about when discussing Sudan 🙂

If hip hop has a new savior, that will be yours to decide. Now let me go grab that cup of coffee to keep me awake. These midnight match fixtures aint doing my job productivity any justice. But the games aint gone watch themselves, ayeee?

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