All Around Africa – Young Luv [Malawi]

I guess we can never just run away from some things in life. As my much as I have tried to let go, it’s time I came to that conclusion that Africa will always be my baby and my Motherland. For that, apologies to all who had grown to love AAA even when I couldn’t sacrifice time to update new music. Now we are back here, for the sake of our beloved motherland and her awesomely talented children. To much for an introduction if you ask. So how has it been in our absentia? I will be patient and listen to all your tales, as long as there is a bottle of Amarula doing the rounds. But first, on to music.

So much has passed us, like when Malawian heartthrob Tech Dali released the best record thus far, Sindikusiyasiya. Ooh I danced to that, at some remote part in the South coast of Kenya, under the mid month moonlight, around a roaring fire. The power of good music is unexplainable. And that one song had me going back to the warm heart of Africa in search of the latest tune. I came a cross another RnB crooner named Young Luv.

Luv already has an Album out, released back in 2008 and aptly titled Straight Love. For a typical RnB artiste,, there seems to be so much about love going on in his young life. Chichewa has always been part of my heartbeat ever since my brother Frank Cn introduced me to the language so any Malawian artiste who incorporates it in their song straight away gets my listening time. With a new song, Move On, Young Luv does exactly that. Maybe it’s time we all manned up and told our girlfriends that shit is not working, they better chuck. Hey, when you get your face thoroughly scratched while at it, don’t blame me for giving out a potentially harmful advice, I too just heard it in a song 🙂

If you love slow paced music, with soothing vocals accompanying them, then this is your jam. Better yet if you feel attached to an African dialect, then you should thank Young Luve right away for this. Malawi music is sure coming off age. I love this new determination that artistes are showcasing. God bless Africa, and her children’s vocals. How I wish I had someone to tell move on, I could have simply shared this great music with them.

Facebook : Young Luv


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