All Around Africa – Timmy [Kenya]

Just as promised, we are back and running. Too much back log but we will give our best. Some music we got back when the blog was on a break are just too good to be ignored even if they have been out for a while. We have some interesting artistes from Sierra Leone, Morocco and Djibouti just to give you a glimpse. But for now, lets take it to Nairobi, the heart beat of Kenya, or is it East Africa?

The music scene in Kenya is always evolving, rapidly adapting and adopting the current trends and this has ensured them some leverage as well criticism from people who think the artistes ape too much.

Getting an authentic Kenyan sound is tricky, it is something even the veterans discuss for day on end, without reaching a consensus on what defines the Kenyan sound. What we can all agree on, si the fact that there is good music coming out of the East African hub. One of the contributors of the good music in Kenya has to be an indie record studio, Pacho Records which is run by artiste cum producer, Rapdamu, a rarely talented and gifted individual. One of his in house artiste,Timmy, released a very good track with that authentic African feel.

Timmy is one of the artistes in Kenya that I have been opportuned to watch performing and get it from me, the energy is always insane in his concerts. But that’s for another day, we might just decide to surprise y’all by giving him an interview! On this particular song, everything comes on so ……. well, welle welle. It is a clever play on words, the delivery is on point, simple lyricism and the beat is beastie! ooh, that is just for the audio, when it comes to the visuals, the director took it waaaaaay home with an edit that aimed straight for my own heart. Let’s just say that when great minds get together and reason alike, magic is made. This is one song that Africans all over the continent will certainly bop their head to, if not crazily shaking a leg. If you want to liven up your mood, then I hope this does it to you, welle welle 🙂

Twitter : @timmywellwell


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