All Around Africa – AZMA [Tanzania]

A new week is already here and guess what, we are more than ready to share that good music. Of course it’s all about Africa and who best to start off the week than the ‘African Ambassador’ himself? If you’ve been a regular at AAA, the Azma is not a stranger to you. Yes, the only artists I insist carries that Ukoo Flani Mau Mau torch in the whole of East Africa. And he represents Hip Hop to the best he can.

What I like about Azma’s music, and I will say this again and again and again, he sits that TRUTH, that rare content that seems all so elusive in today’s rap music. You know that on-your-face  real underground rap that tackles the communities ills and struggles? That the shit we talking about my guy. The kind of music that the radio are not willing to play. So the self confessed, public seconded African Ambassador is back with anew video and as always, we had to share it with you, why? Because the best deserves to be shared, simple.

In kila siku, kila kitu, Azma speaks about the daily happenings, the good, the bad, the ugly and the best. Just from the instrumentals, you are certain to get hooked in anticipation of the following bars. For one, Azma knows how to choose his beats, that we must give it to the man. His production team also knows just how to create that dope Hip Hop feel, nothing exaggerated, just easy listen music.

With a simple video to accompany it, Azma has yet proved in kila siku kila kitu why he is one of the artists constantly on our radar. If he keeps up with the momentum, it’s only a matter of time before that all so neccessary breakthrough. But real Hip Hop never really makes it to mainstream media, where they advice you to dumb it down for the market. Till then, we will always appreciate good music at AAA and give respect to content-minding artists like Azma, kila saa kila dakika.


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