All Around Africa – T-Sean [Zambia]

Hehee, I’m literally laughing as I type this. I woke up listening to my favorite Kenyan Dancehall artist, Donteh and as always, being the generous one, I shared one of his YouTube links on my Twitter. Immediately, my brother from another mother, F Jay sent me a link to a video and I thought it was the long awaited Urban Hype video for Chimbilimbili but on clicking, I found out otherwise. For a minute, I lost interest but then again, Jay can’t just send me any ordinary link so I decided to give it a listen. Bam!

So there is a Dancehall Daddy in Zambia, well, I’m loving this but first, let’s get this post done. I know it’s early for a high octane post but fuck it, Africa needs to bump to this as soon as possible. T-Sean is an artiste i don’t know much about, except the fact that he has a smoking hot single out- Tako. In my native, Tako is a singular for the word ‘matako’ which translates to booty. There will be loads of it in the below video. 

I must confess this is the first and I insist the first I’m listening a Zambian dancehall. I’m hooked straight away! This guy is supposed to be overseas, touring with Sean paul or Konshens. I mean when was the last time you listened to a perfectly arranged song? Like everything just came into place, the baseline, the strings, the hi-hats, the vocals, the crescendo. I mean everything! For a moment, he had me thinking that I’m listening to a Ugandan artist. There is strong language similarity. The video is off the chaiiiiiiiin, lmao I’m starting to trip yo. 

Dancehall has got a new spot in my heart starting from now. As a matter of fact, let me search for more music from T-Sean. As for you, here is Tako, just make sure you call Daaaaddy after bumping, whining, wiggling, jiggling and grinding. Twerk, twerk like Miley 🙂

Facebook : T-sean



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