All Around Africa : Mary Jane – Donteh [Kenya]

No need to even stress this, one of my favorite ragga artists has to and will always be Donteh. Simple fact, he pushes the envelop with each and every release. The bad thing with me is if i like an artist, trust me I do and I ensure to keep up to date with their activities, musically. So Donteh has a new song and I heard the jam a while back, when it was still just in audio.

Typical of him, a video was to follow soon, that how hard he works. So he sent me the video link and unluckily, I was a bit held up to watch, leave alone share it.

But today the Gods of music and rhythms visited and who did I listen to first? You guessed right, I had to jam some Donteh to hype up my day. Their collaborative works with ZJ Heno is wonderful, they make a great team together and the music is always on point, production and everything. Another thing, Donteh has learnt to keep his videos as simple as possible, something which works to his advantage. Lastly, it is a bloody Mary Jane song so you better get out your lighters and do the honorary. Have a puff-full Wednesday.


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