All Around Africa : Nadeshi – Big Eye [Uganda]

I’m in the mood to let y’all in on a lil’ secret. Not sure if you ready to hear it though. I’ve been scouting for writers all across Africa so that we can have every corner of the continent covered on our blog. If you know someone who knows someone who loves African music and is passionate for the growth and success of our artists, then pass the word. Africa on Move radio is coming sooner than you think, that is my lil secret 🙂 What is not a secret however, is the fact that African artists have been working hard, one of them being Big Eye.

From the banana republic, Big Eye is not a stranger to our site as we had already introduced him a while back. And what better way to justify his inclusion than give us fresh new music! We get hundreds of emails but at the end of it, we have to be selective of the music we share on site as many readers hold us to high esteem due to the contents that we always post. Keep sending the music though. 

Ugandan music is unique on it’s own in the wider east African block and Big Eye just went ahead to prove this. Picture this, you have just had a sumptuous meal of matoke, stew and a glass of milk. Now you are sitting lazily by the patio, enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, a radio by your side. All that you want to listen to is some smooth African jam to serenade the moment. Well, Nadeshi is that perfect song!

Nadeshi is a simple song, easy listen and what I liked about it first was the amazing vocal control. I mean, guys with silk voices can sing just as awesome! With an equally engaging and entertaining video, Nadeshi should smoothly make it to your playlist. The video set up is simple with exciting dancers and a vixen to complete it all.I feel so good when artists keep churning out quality music for the motherland to be proud of her sons. 


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2 thoughts on “All Around Africa : Nadeshi – Big Eye [Uganda]

  1. Big eye is such a big en genious artist Africa has seen. Hes so talented. Vocally strong en so desciplined. At Big musik ent. Better dan any other in Uganda. With lots ov hitts locally. Action tym. Like he sayz. Usipime……

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