All Around Africa : Poh Poh – Leo NG [Cameroon]

Whenever I get music that is done on a language different from English, I practically shoot myself to the sky, the excitement overwhelms me! Simple fact, music in a language on it’s own and these type of songs always serve to remind me that magical fact. I make it my own duty to research on these kind of music, it’s tough yet rewarding. Today, we present to you such a rare gem.  Leo NG, that is the name that should be on every mind that loves trap Music, especially African! Ladies and gentlemen, here come the Coupe de Calle flow!

First off, let me clarify that this article is supposed to be about one of the best hip Hop jams released thus far, T.P.T (Tier Pour Tie). However, due to the site policy of only posting videos, we will focus our attention on Leo NG’s previous work, Poh Poh. In the end, we will still live you with a link to listen to the new single, T.P.T, we are that awesome!

For a minute, I must admit that we always think Cameroon only does Makossa, Bikutsi and Ngoso. Gradually, I’m beginning to realize that some of the best MCs in Africa might actually be holed up in this Central African State. Leo NG has come out to emphasize that wrong notion. The quality of their production is so superb. Looking at his Poh Poh vieeo, that guy is smooth calm and collected, both with the flow and in front of the camera. For his kind of genre, Leo NG is doing commendable job and it’s about time that Africa started listening. Look out for the video to the wonderful tract, T.P.T right here on AAA immediately it drops. Meanwhile, let’s go poh poh 🙂 

Just as promised, here is the soundcloud link to his next smash record; Tier pour Tier .

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Soundcloud | Leo NG

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