All Around The A : Nyamulira – Dali [Malawi]

It’s been a minute without some music aye? I mean it’s been a hot minute without some GOOD music and you know how we like that. So a few come our way and as usual, standards had to be met for them to make it to AAA. You will get them as the week unfolds. Which reminds me, it is Tuesday and I’m right here wondering where my Monday went 😦 Apparently, it was a holiday here in Kenya, one in which they celebrate their heroes. As you guessed, no one celebrated me, but I never felt bad about it. Hey, something about a prophet never being appreciated in their own home town? let me show you how, down in Botswana, I have a marriage invite from my brothers who believe I deserve nothing less of a beautiful Tswana queen. Now roger that!

Branding is something that a lot of artistes struggle with on their way up. I for once have experienced this so I have a first hand account of how challenging it can be. In business, it’s simple; “If you are not a brand you are a commodity. Then price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner.” . That is why artists strive to build a brand off of their music career. Why I’m I schooling y’all on all these one may wonder….. We it’s because the artist we are about to focus on has been a regular here on our site, under a different name. We all remember Tech Junk from Malawi. Him of the Pa Ochepa Omweo fame? How about the Tsemwe hit? Yes, that one.

Without a doubt one of the most talented artistes to emerge from the urban African music pool. This brother from Malawi has been blessing us with wonderful jams since he debut on the scene with “Fall in Love”. Now known as Dali, (from his real name Dalitso) Tech not only makes beautiful love songs, he also creates rhythms we can dance to on this scorching African sun (not forgetting the Ebola infected air we breath). Earlier this year, Dali inked a deal with Bensam Entertainment who have done a wonderful job in branding this awesome piece of talent. Mother Africa must be smiling every time Dali opens his vocal codes. Last week, Dali teamed up with a fellow artist, Dan Lu to give us Nyamulira – a wonderful dance jam.

The video concept is simple and the final edit is clean as usual. A lot of twerking here and there highlights the video. Dali is not only a great artist, but a passionate one at that. Keep doing the good job, just a suggestion, you have given us up to three dance videos if I’m right (Pa Ochepa Omweo, Sindikusiyasiya & Nyamulira). How about surprising us with a laid back ballad brother?

One of those moving love songs that almost made my girl run away with her fathers life-servings just so she can relocate to Malawi and live with you? Can we get another romantic single for the ladies bro? Something we can listen to and share with our ‘bitter’ halves when the liquor in our heads are drained? I’m talking Kodi Wavomera kind of jam just in case you dance too much to remember how they sounded like.  Maya Angelou once said, “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.”



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