All Around Africa : I Told A Lie – Munnah [Liberia]

Wow! That is just how I can best start this post. I’m currently occupied with some other obligations but immediately I clicked play on Munnah’s new video, I logged in to WordPress to put up this post. That is just how awed I’ve been by the Lib Princess. Before I can even get to the nitty-gritty of it all, let me just repeat this one more time; nothing impresses the hell outta me like a versatile artist. I mean nothing! 

My first encounter with Munnah was via a dance track she did awhile back, then she had a kinda dancehall vibe going on with her music. Where or when the switch up happened, I’ve got no idea. But I totally love this new sound from her. Not in my wildest imagination did I ever picture Munnah being this mellow, I confess I must have underrated her potential. So with that said, let’s get to the music. Munnah is one of the artists at the forefront of pushing the Liberian music scene to a wider audience internationally and trust me, she has been doing so  well at it. That was until she released the new jam, Told A Lie, then she just became exceptional!

From the instrumentals, the vocals, the harmonies, the BVGs, the video cast to the lipstick and the wonderful dress, everything about this song just flows (no pun intended). I love what the production team did. Not to forget the stellar work by Munnah on delivery. Hey, if music is good, I bet everyone just gets into the zone and everything blends so perfect, magical. I love the action on the video, it is well paced, no rush and all the casts are on their best level of acting. I’m not shy to say that I’m very proud of Munnah right now, honestly. When an artist grows, it is worth mentioning in order to inspire them to do even more. Munnah, you deserve a round of a applause dear, and a tiara on that head , because you are a real princess.

Africa, your daughter has made you proud, it’s your turn to show her love annd support now. Watch the princess’ new video below and share with your friends. She deserves that and much more, actually, a princess deserves everything good. Hey, never tell a lie again, it always comes back to haunt you, but if the aftermath will be a beautiful song like this one, then keep telling all the lies you want 🙂

Facebook: Munnah

Twitter : @TheLIBPrincess



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