All Around Africa : GnX – You Should Know [Kenya]

gnxNormally, I would loiter around town during my lunch breaks (because there is a street purposely named Loita in Nairobi, aye) or visit the Kenya National Theater to see what my fellow art lovers are up to. But today I decided to stay on my desk and check out a few new music that found their way into my inbox. That was a very wonderful decision, Allah be praised! A midst the collection, I bumped on ID37 mail and you know how it goes, the only logical reason for an email from the label is a press release which most of the time means, a new song is out! 

And no, it is not Shukid this time, ID37 main producer and rapper GnX has something out. Here is the funny part, most if not all of us expect presents during special occasions like birthdays. Very few actually think of giving out presents on their big days. Well, Grands is one of the special few. Yesterday (18th November) was Kevin Grand’s birthday and to honor the occasion, he decided to reward all his friends, family and fans with a new music video. On his own words, he feels like there are a couple of things that y’all should know; like him being the hottest act out right now, his indecisive would-be lover and how his bank account is (or should be) set up. Ha! Quite a number of stuff we seem not to be knowing about GnX.

Minimalism is his forte and he has showcased that perfectly well on this two minute interlude off the Rap x Streetlights mixtape. Just like what we have come to expect of his works, this one is another fusion of ethereal, atmospheric sounds and a cloud rap style that Grands has portrayed with the past releases like Life of The Party. A belated Happy Birthday to one of the fastest rising artists in the Kenyan urban music scene. By now, You Should Know!

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