All Around Africa : Piksy – Oh Yeah [Malawi]

I feel like telling a story today but sadly, I can’t create the right set up for it. I’m talking of a brazing fireplace, fresh  game meat afloat a hung-stick, kids with bare-chest anxiously looking up at me, their OG Papa to clear my throat and summon them to listen. I miss our childhood. days when we could actually gather in a group and discuss matters of importance. 

They still do that nowadays? Oh yeah, in Whatsapp and Facebook groups! It is called Technology. Damn it must be sad being a 80s kid. All the nostalgia can kill you. But hey, we had the best music around, that you can’t deny. There was no Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. We actually danced and sang along to classics. Let me end this here.

You starting to sound like an old hag Holly. I can hear them sneering.

Why shouldn’t I really? Tell why shouldn’t I when I’ve just listened to a cool calm and collected smooth music, straight off the Ol’ skool vibe? Thanks to one Malawian born artist, that tantalizing old school feel is back again. Oh Yeah! Let me school the cool kids on what to do since they will find it hard trying to dougie on this. when such a classic jam comes on record, you sit black, get out your laid back OG swag  and just bop your head as you digest the groovy tune. Oh Yeah! 

Piksy has been around, experimented and definitely discovered what works for him. Did I mention how bad I abused his Maso single? I owe you a couple of Shillings for that by the way. (Are they still shillings in Malawi?). Anyway, if you listened to Maso, you will see how diverse this artist is. Oh Yeah! Chichewa sounds this sweet on an Old school kick and snare. Damn, Chichewa sounds sweet on every kind of instrumental. Oh Yeah. 

What are you waiting for Africa? The video is out as well. Oh Yeah. Let’s bounce to this 🙂


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