All Around Africa : Casa Crew [Morocco]

casa crew

Somethings are just hard to get right, no matter how hard you try to. Funnily, they are the simple things that always challenge great minds like us. For example, I keep spelling Morrocco with a double R consonant. Thanks to auto correct (where is he when I need him the most by the way?), I always get my mistake sorted. Ever since we discovered Rajae, we have never had another artiste from Morocco gracing our AAA. Reason being, it takes a lot of time to dig and discover good music.

It takes much more patience and an open mind to listen to guys rapping in Arabic, especially the Moroccan dialect, Darija. But hey, that is why we all Africans, to tolerate and appreciate one another no matter our cultural diversities 🙂 Welcome to Casablanca. 

I wanted to introduce y’all to something different. I already showed you how smooth and sweet Rajae’s vocals are, now we need to see the other side of Moroccans. Preferably the young, wild and aggressive part. What better way to discover than than through the youth and music. Which genre comes to mind? Rap of course, the most versatile sub-group of art. Casa Crew are a music group off of Casablanca in Morocco, hence the name of course. 

To let you in on a little secret, it is fun listening to Arabic rap, that is, when you have learned to anticipate the sounds they make with their tongue. You know what I mean? Come on man, that sound, like someone is about to spit on your face!  Yeah, it makes their rap crowded and sweet in some type of way, sorry Rich Homie. Casablanca Crew have amazingly dope hip hop jams. I’ve been listening to the since morning, or is it night? Depends on your geographical location really. I’m proudly perched at the 2nd floor of some wonderfully calm location in Nairobi, Kenya. And from here, it feels relentlessly cool listening to some of the most talented artistes in Africa. 

By the end of the day, I should be able to rap along to at least two if not all their songs. Plus, I might just surprise my love with a Darija sentence when I get back home!

I find myself replaying Rani Ka3i every time it nears the end. That is an infectious song. I’m really interested in knowing these guys more. Like getting to at least know them individually. I love the guy who raps on the first verse of that song. And the chorus is just so catchy. Sorry Chichewa, I think my new found love is Darija. I don’t even know if they speak an ounce of English over there in Casablanca. But since I can pick up words like ‘hustler’ in their raps, I will try and get an interview with this crew. Just so Africa can know them more. In the mean time, listen to there audio music here and enjoy the best Morocco has to offer. 


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