#NewBornEsir – Kidwilly [Kenya]


The bus ride from Westlands was kinda short, in a few minutes, I was intertwining my way around the bright Nairobi streets. Mind constantly racing after the day’s events. Top on my mind was if I’m actually late, seeing as I was meant to be here an hour and a half ago.

I’ve never been very conversant with this Nairobi streets and especially at night. Worse yet, I cannot get my way around the clubs. I don’t rave, that is another boring fact about me. I get stupidly drunk, but in the comfort of my bedroom, and my bathroom, mostly. So you should come around to thinking of me maneuvering my way around town, GPRS activated on my cellular, trying to locate I – Club. 

There you are you little lost bastard!

I spot the sign, but it has the image of an ‘EYE’. Might be a wrong “Eye – Club”? The bouncer is bulky (aint all of them actually?) but I notice he is not in one of those irritatingly fitting suit, and a tie. I hate bulky guys in suits n tie. For some strange reason, I tend to imagine that they are indecisive about their career choice. Like they are torn between being an accountant and a rugby player. 

Anyway, this one is wearing a hoodie, so I feel a bit comfy and head straight to him. Right there at the entrance, I see the big picture standing right at the stairway. New Born E-Sir, at last, I’m here.

I love the lighting, though I must admit the brightness is a tad bit too excess for my eyesight. She is stunningly gorgeous. The voluptuous buxom, shinny face with a magnetic smile. A second look and I notice just how perfectly round her ass is. I can get used to this club thingy actually. She opens her mouth and i’m carried away by her angelic voice. It takes me a quick minute to realize that she is singing along to the lyrics displayed on the screens on the wall. Drunk in Love. I’m already I’m. The way she sings and moves to that beat, even Jay Z would be drunk in love. She practically stole Beyonce’s song and owned it. Around of applause, and more music blaring off the speaker.

I look around, beautiful faces, all smiles. OMG! I need to club more frequently. I finally see my partner in cRHYME and we find a seat, somewhere close to the wall. A couple of young lovers are drinking and cuddling nearby. I guess I finally put a face to that YOLO movement adherents. 

Stranger to this club thingy, we order Delmonte Mango juice. It’s cold so I can’t really drink it because I have an impending flu. You know those colds that are stuck somewhere in your forehead, waiting to slide down your nose? Yes, I feel I have it. Many more get to the MIC and sing their hearts and stomachs out. We are sited( or seated?) pretty cool, calm and collected. With Webb by my side, my guy I’m cooler than morgue refrigerator. You can’t really tell me shit when my day one is besides me. 

She gets on stage again, the voluptuous one. She has removed the blazer and now the front view is even better. Big boobies, I love those to Punjab and back. I don’t even wait for her to sing, I switch position and focus my gaze on her. I can feel the man down there adjusting position too, forcefully. Wrecking ball it is. She sings with such passion that I can’t wait for the part where she undresses to full nudity, just like Miley Cyrus does on the video. Sadly, she doesn’t get out of any clothe, other than the blazer, but it doesn’t matter because in my mind she is already naked anyway. She is the MC for the night. This is going to be a wonderful night. I murmur to myself as I touch the glass of juice to check if it has adjusted to the room temperature.


Out of nowhere, he comes right up to our table. Smiling as usual. White shirt, a snapback and chain on his neck. Gold? Medusa? I can’t tell. I’m not well informed on that department. I notice he has a disk in hand. We exchange pleasantries and he opens the cover as he hands the CD to me. 

“To Holly, You’ve been supportive bro, from day one. Loyalty appreciated. Thanks”. – Kidwilly. 

That’s too much to bear, I take a moment to take it all in. Not everyday do you get celebrities offering you a signed copy of their album. damn, they never even deliver it personally to you! I felt honored, asked for the price and payed for two copies. I respect talent, always have a desire to support where I can. We pose for pictures, aye? Instagrammers know how much we love to be ‘seen’ with celebrities 🙂

it’s a few minutes to midnight, my bed is calling me. Not really, I have a 7 a.m presentation to make tomorrow and I need to rid off a possible red eye by getting some sleep, albeit for a few hours. I take one last look at her and signal my partner that it’s time to leave. My CD intact in my hand, I can’t wait to get home and listen to this beautiful piece of art. 

Friday, 10.00 am.

it’s wonderfully calm in Westlands, the view from my office desk is naturally attractive. I can see palm trees. I insert the disk in my computer drive and press play. My windows is set on repeat, always. At 1.00 pm when my colleague taps me on the shoulder, signalling that it’s meal time is when it dawns on me that I’ve been listening to this EP for the past three hours. Without even noticing how the tracks were repeating after half an hour. From the onset, you can predict that you are in for a great listen. 

Kidwilly is a spoken word artist, not just a rapper and he utilizes that so well by starting the EP with a spoken word bit, in memory of the late E-Sir. Did I mention that the EP is titled New Born E-Sir? There you have it, a brilliant compilation of seven melodious singles, keenly crafted and knitted together. With guest appearances from the vocally awesome Kanana, to Superprodusir Chris ( who executively produced the EP), Lox and Stin from CMG, Kidwilly has the best short EP out in the 254. It’s no secret therefore that all the printed copies were bought on the spot at launch. A new batch is available though. 


Retailing at only 200 Ksh, I strongly recommend that you get yourself a copy. Make an order, there are free deliveries around town. Support a great Kenyan artiste. Contact : 0712, 904 800. Thank me when you get your hands on it. 

Photo Credits: MADE / 254CMG



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