All Around Africa – P.P.S The Writah [Senegal]

Je ai sauté le déjeuner afin que je puisse écrire et partager avec vous des gens merveilleux de l’Afrique. En plein milieu de nous habite le meilleur artiste Hip Hop Je ai entendu dans les âges. Je suis totalement impressionné par ce que nos artistes font pour faire la patrie fière. Now, did you remember to attend that French class, aye?

This is the part where I totally fall in love all over again with our Motherland Africa! When pure talent meets the rich magnificent culture of Africa. I’m in love. Good bye Nairobi, I will return soon when you prove your worth, for now, I’m relocating to Dakar, Senegal. 

I don’t even care if they speak French or English, I love the music over there. All these because of one P.P.S. The Writer. Ooh God I pray that my Googling skills will save me today. Let’s see….. come on, come on. YES! Paul Pissety Sagna, that is the meaning of P.P.S, as for ‘The Writah”, y’all can do the rest of the homework as well. 

So, I bumped on this brother while I was researching on the Hip Hop culture in Senegal and coincidentally, he has a strong tie with Nomadic Wax, our friends from Afrik Hip Hop Magazine! Truly, Africa is one. 

Just one play on a single song and you don’t need further convincing that we are looking at the dopest MC right here. Like how comes we take so long to discover such gems? I’m ashamed for that. The African Flow right here, right now is too much. Pissety is a fucking genius. How does he pick and choose such beats heavy African percussion and elements for his records? My God, I’m a fan, proudly. Senegal, you have just acquired one more son. 

This brother raps in both English and French ( je suppose?). Real Hip Hop music broh, sorry if you are expecting some bubblegum trap sound, nada. These are the kind of music that make it to the ‘classics’ category in the Hip Hop book. I have so much respect for this brother right here,as a matter of fact, we are interviewing him ASAP on AAA. I don’t think I can write an article worth his honor, it’s better if we just hear it all from his own mouth. Pisset, you make refreshingly great Hip Hop music.

One thing I can assure you, we honestly appreciate good music over here in Nairobi, and I know that is the case all around Africa. Much regards your way. A Job surely well done. Respect!

Facebook : P.P.S the writah

Twitter : @PPSthewritah


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