All Around Africa – ShiShi [Zimbabwe]

All of a sudden, I’m noticing this fading buttons on my keyboard. Things I’ve not been keen enough to see before. Two logical explanations, or theories; I’m either so alert right now or my mind is in this zone where I’m too excited about what I’m going to write and this always leads to me being panicky! Is that the right word? Here is where I need those Twirra grammar Nazis to channel their enthusiasm and make my life better, not on the damn TL your idiots! 

Pardon my manners, or lack of thereof. I get carried away when my sticky fingers start to impatiently caress this plastic buttons on my computer. I will pay you HP, I promise, just not now, wait till I get my dollar right. Why are we here again? Ooh, thank you wonderful guys for not reminding me. 

Where have you been?

Here and there, just roaming the cyberspace, sampling new music and checking what your beautiful sons and daughters are busy wasting their lives on. (Sounds like a great convo between Satan and God. In this case, replace God with Mother Africa and Satan with…… well, I’m not ready to play him, so, pass).

She raps so fluently, with a vibrant eloquence. I want to scrap off the instrumentals and just listen to her raw vocals. But again, her beats are just as refreshing and sweet as her smile. Wait, have I even met her to know that much? I don’t have to. I have interacted with her, through the beautiful music she makes and I think I know her more than she does. Which reminds me, aint it funny how we  ‘bloggers’ seem to know every little detail about a person we’ve never met? Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being a blogger, the qualifications ruled me out. I’m just an idler guy with access to free company internet, who happens to love African music. Let me not get you off track though, the point of focus should be this charming African darling. She is a real beauty by the way, that you can take to the bank for some Kwacha.

I know I get all wordy and such whenever I come across a daughter of our Motherland doing great things. Why shouldn’t I anyway? In a world where women are hardly appreciated, I swore never to be part of the statistics and chose to empower our ladies whenever, however I can, with whatever I have. 

Her name is ShiShi, a perfect name, one that befits a goddess. I can imagine the Egyptian Gods naming their little ones that. I will probably name my daughter that too. Why do I like her this much, you might be tempted to ask. Because she is just sooooo talented, get it? Many females are cowed by the idea of venturing into a male dominated pool, that is why we have few female Hip Hop artists, rappers and the like. ShiShi is far from being scared. I doubt if that word even exists in a page on her dictionary. The way she tackles her music head on. She is more than brave. 

Different styles of beats, same confidence. Different collaborators, same aura and ability to stand out. I love her. Is the priest ready to preside over this union yet? Call me when he is. 

Straight from Zimbabwe, Dallas bred. She makes sweet music; you can dance to Zvose, sing along to I Like and just sit back and enjoy the bars on How It Goes. Metaphysics is featured on that one. Salute to a brother who is able to walk with a sister through the shadows of the valley of rap. I know great artistes in Zimbabwe, even greater ones all around Africa. ShiShi is one of them, if not the one. 

Her rendition of Lil Wayne’s Megaman, I admire her audacity, and love her geeks. She can wear them to our wedding, I won’t mind honestly. The language too, that one on Zvose, I’m ready to learn it, I look forward to waking up to such wonderful dialects. Just one request ShiShi, can we have more music please? Lyric videos, audios, videos, anything with your signature voice actually. I know my God is able, always has been, so I believe my wish will be granted. Thank you ShiShi for blessing us with beautiful music. Africa celebrates you. 

Follow : @shishiofficial


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