All Around Africa – Hamzo Bryn [Mauritania]

Français ou Anglais, nous tous les Africains. Je suis vraiment honoré d’échantillonner et d’interagir avec la musique de différentes parties de ce merveilleux continent.

Assuming this was a public service announcement, I’d start this post like “this article is brought to you courtesy of the graceful Heather Maxwell, sit back and pay attention”. But since it’s all about music from our motherland, how about the serenading sound of tidinit to start it off?

I was at it again, this time around, I was stuck in the northern part of Africa, determined to discover ( I hate that term after Europeans claimed to have ‘discovered’ everything in Africa by the way) some good music and artistes from that region. Mauritania is one big country and we have never taken enough time to focus on musicians from this beautiful Maghreb state, therefore, I will do a couple of posts to try and correct that. When you google Mauritanian music, the first name that appears is Heather Maxwell, hence the mention of her name above. A separate article on her music is forthcoming as well.

After my initial introduction to the music scene in Mauritania, through Heather’s articles, I was uncertain of finding anything close to Hip Hop / Rap or urban music. You know, the fresh, youthful vibe that we highlight in here….

Then I stumbled on Hamzo Bryn and after listening a few extracts he posted on his YouTube channel, boy I was engaged. Straight away I love the guitar strings played on the songs. There even is a single titled Hakuna Matata, can I get aminaaa from everyone? Right on, I had to lsiten to some more and see what exactly this brother is about. Don’t let his smile or the T.I resemblances fool you. The guy makes alluring music, accompanied by raspy vocals, laidback beat drops and symmetrical strings. I love 🙂

Arabic accents can be hard on unfamiliar ears but Hamzo makes it so attractive. The resplendent “It Started From Nouakchott has to be my favorite love song right now. In a certain way, I can’t stop visualizing the similarity between him and K Naan. I don’t know man, maybe it’s the music virus infecting me again. 

Hamzo has the type of music that easily appeals across generational gaps and will get you abusing the replay button on your machine restlessly. The songs are well crafted, simple and melodious. When it comes on, you won’t resist the urge to shake a leg, an ass or bop your head in rhythm. Being a rapper and a singer also makes Hamzo stand out and appeal to a wider audience. I’m so happy to have taken time to ‘discover’ some new African music straight from Mauritania. I hope you will all enjoy these ravishing sounds like I am. 

Thank you so much Hamzo for blessing us with good music. Africa appreciates your talent greatly.

Désolé, je ai dû écrire cela en anglais pour plus de gens de profiter 🙂

Facebook : Hamzo Bryn / حمزو Officiel page



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