All Around Africa – Heather Maxwell [Virginia]

Never have we ever featured a musician who is ‘unAfrican’ on this site, today is an exception. Henry Drummond said happiness consists in giving and serving others. Winston Churchill further stated that we make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not a Greek mythologist but I grasp two important things from the statements above; a giver has made a life of happiness for himself. In this case, for herself. 

As Francis of Assisi put it, for it is in giving that we receive, I humbly take this opportunity to write about a wonderful and generous giver. Not that she gave expecting to receive, but because she has been giving for so long and never complained that it hurt. 

I know all ye of 140 characters need a moment to absorb all these, I will gladly pause and let you. 

From my stereo headphones, Mango Tree is blaring, smooth and soothingly. I too have something to absorb. I love the beautiful vocals of this lady. 

It is normal to like and support that which is created by your own people. It is totally gracious to cherish, embrace and support that which is from a different culture, totally foreign. I know many non African’s who love African art, but to have one who passionately supports and advocates for our music, God knows that is benevolent! With her amazing vocals, she could have chosen to make country or pop music, but she chose to sing Malado and Ashanti Boy. I respect this woman, honestly. A lady who can confidently declare that you can’t take her man deserves all the respect. But no, that is not why she stands out, not even the fact that she effortlessly lays her vocals on rhythmic African beats. 

Sigh, they need another minute again, these impatient cool kids have an intolerably short attention span. I surrender and listen. Please pardon the pun, it just happened 🙂 

It is demanding to be an artist, most find it so hectic to push their own work that they can’t even imagine helping other artistes with theirs. Not Heather, no, not her. While you would expect her to fully focus every joule of energy in ensuring her music gets all the attention and airplay, this wonderful lady takes more time in pushing for the music of African artistes, all around the continent. The love, the passion, the relentlessness that she puts in sharing and highlighting African music is just impeccable. Indeed, It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Hey sister, you are in no way leaving us with a bitter taste. 

Due to her kindness and unending passionate support for African music, Heather Maxwell deserves all the space on this site to showcase her beautiful music as well. I have listened to them all day, pressed repeat several times and each and every play gives me a new sensational feeling. Refreshingly great compositions. Ooh yes you can sister, yes you can sing!

You see, it takes a special kind of heart to support others who are doing exactly what you do. In business, it is called your competitors. Many would rather subdue their competitors, not Heather, no not her. Africa, this must be the prodigal daughter that you never had. No child of yours has embraced and showcased her unending love for African music like Heather has. I’m dancing to African Women, mama ooh, mama Africa. You just must love this lady. Heavenly!

Hello Heather, this is in no way an attempt to payback for the gracious support you have and are showing to African music. No, we are celebrating the musician in you today. Thank you so much for blessing us with your music. Africa salutes you darling. Keep making more music, we love you and your beautiful voice. 

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Facebook : Heather Maxwell


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