A Week in The A : #Liyaya – Hazel Mak [Malawi]

Hazel Mak Releases Liyaya Music Video

Wah! I need water, not a glass or a jar. I need it in large quantity. I’m talking about a whole river Nile, wait… let’s make it a Lake, yes! I want to drink the whole of Lake Malawi, all the way to Nyasa and Lago Niassa. That’s how thirsty I am after watching the new Hazel Mak video.

There is beauty, like dictionary beauty, then there is African beauty and then there is Hazel Mak! More water please…, someone, anyone?

Believe it or not, I had to go and re-watch Umbeta just so I can confirm which one, between my eyes and memory was playing tricks on me. Luckily, none. Those HIPS goddamnit! Okay, Hazel, let’s do this; I’ve always believed in you since the first time I listened to your music. I’d like to imagine that loyalty get’s rewarded. How about accepting this wedding ring love? I can import the whole of Lake Malawi if that is what will make you come and settle down with me in Nairobi. God know’s I will fasten my quest to learn Chichewa, just for you, and the hips πŸ™‚

To be honest, Hazel’s hips deserve a post of their own, a separate one for the boobies and then we can have a special one for the new music video. How I wish things would go my way, this whole blog would be about Hazel Mak henceforth. Let me try and get my dirty mind off her (ass) and instead focus on this fresh gem of video she has blessed us with. You guys really never get it though, a beautiful African woman rhythmically gyrating to an equally profound African beat is all we need to turn gays straight. Put that in the bible. Heeeey, hold your horses y’all LGBT rights persons, I can see your noses sneering at me. Unfortunately, the sweet voice of Hazel calling me darling on Liyaya can’t allow me to hear any other nonsense.

The Southern influence is heavy on this. Sorry T I, we also have a South over here in the motherland. Hazel has kept the lyrics pretty simple and I see this song going viral. Liyayaaa, liya liyayaaaaa. The whole of Africa will be singing along to this, as they dance around evening camp fires. How happy will that make me πŸ™‚ The thing I like most about Mak is how she is in control and plans her art. Most artistes just keep releasing music without even considering factors like time and the market set up. For Hazel, she takes her sweet time, perfects a single and then put it out. You got to respect a musician who values their art.

I was really wondering how 2014 will end for me and I gotta thank Hazel for giving me the perfect gift to end a great year. It’s Liyaya all the way to 2015. As for next year, I only have one resolution, to dance along to Liyaya, on our wedding night with Hazel. Lupita already declared all our dreams to be valid, I’m certain about mine. I don’t know yet what Liyaya means, but what I’m sure of is, Hazel is the definition of a true African Queen, a rarity.

Facebook : Hazel Mak

Twitter : @hazelmakmusic.Β 


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