A Week in The A : #Offside – Krytic [Zambia]

I woke up at 4:30 a.m just so I can get to the office early enough to put up this post before I resume my normal duties for the day. Music and writing are two of the most addictive drugs I’ve come to know of. On my way to the office, I decide to play a little Temple Run in the bus and before I know it, I had passed the stage where I was supposed to alight. You see, Waiyaki Way is far much different from the ever slow Jogoo Road.

Anyway, I alight at the next bus stop and start walking back towards the office. About a hundred meters, I reach this place with very tall and huge trees, I just can’t remember the English or scientific name of this tree. But it’s leaves were exhaling this fresh minted oxygen that I couldn’t help but stand there and open my lungs.

For ten minutes, I just stood there, nose tilted to the sky, taking it all in. I wanted to inhale as much of this fresh air as my lungs could accommodate. Hey, don’t judge me for wanting it all, I thought Juicy J encouraged us to be greedy? So many passers-by walked past me astonished, all shaking their heads obviously wondering what kind of madness they were witnessing this early in the morning. But I didn’t careless, all I wanted was to tightly hug this wonderfully fresh atmosphere and get engulfed in it’s seemingly never ending minted fresh oxygen.

Nairobi air is mostly polluted by the numerous industrial fumes so maybe you can understand my relief when I stumbled on this rarity. I’m at this point in life where I truly appreciate very simple things in life, like a minted fresh oxygen. As a matter of fact, I have just given that tree a new scientific name, ‘Mintedair Oxygenae.’ Sounds cool uh? I can go on and on about this minted fresh air but let’s see what I’m really driving at.

In life, we don’t appreciate the good little things (or little good things?) that come our way, unless we have really been exposed to a lot of bad things. Many a times, we get exposed to so much bullshit that we get accustomed to it, to a point where we fail to recognize something good when we find it – worst care scenario. Musically, it is no different. A lot of crap are churned and washed down our system that we are constantly forgetting the true sound of good music. I won’t get to the trifle of how we blame it all on the media while the truth is, we are just stupidly lazy to go out there and scavenge for that good music, thereby preferring whatever is served on our plate. Offside.

Away from all the politics, let me actually get to writing about my favorite Zambian MC. I’ve ‘known’ KRYTIC for a while and to call him insane would be disrespectful to the  adjective. Don’t get me wrong, my English is way different from you normal earthlings’. Therefore, the context in which I use insane is probably different from what the white folks taught you to use it for. But KRYTIC will definitely relate, insane people are surprisingly that bright! And that is not offside.

Tic has a new video and guess who has been featured? Urban Hype’s Shapi. Weh, maybe I’ve given you too much information simultaneously, will is proving a bit difficult to digest. I understand, not everyone can be blessed with insanity. There is something, something I can’t lay my fingers at, but it’s just something so unique about Zambian beats. Whether it’s the heavy African drums or the percussions, man I don’t know really. A blend of Hip Hop and Shapi’s dancehall vocals is really dope. That sound is just fresh if you ask me. 

So Tic just threw everyone offside with this record. I can’t get mad, when the best do it, the rest are supposed to sit down and pay attention. It’s simple science. Plus hey, how you gonna hate before brushing your teeth? Loool, I rest my case here, go ahead and find out for yourself whether you are on or offside. I already know where I belong, and it’s humbling down here lol. 

Facebook : K.R.Y.T.I.C

Twitter : @kryticismusic


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