All Around The A : Spice Diana [Uganda]

At the rate I’m falling in love in these beautiful queens all around Africa, I’m reaching a polygamous status real soon. Which is actually ‘very African’ and all considering our great grandpas new that one may never be enough. Just that my religion limits my maximum count to four wives, sadly. I think I can be the new age King Mswati IV maybe? Hehee, Lupita made a huge mistake validating all my dreams.

As the year nears to an end, I’m determined to crown it by writing about and highlighting as many talented ladies around our continent as possible. I doubt if that sentence is grammatically correct, thank God this is not twitter so I hope no grammar nazi will jump on my neck. It is 5p.m for fucks sake, my mind is tired plus all I can think of is a plate of matoke and the fantasies of going back home to a loving wife, say, like Spice Diana…

She is flawless, a spicy chocolate skin that makes Cadbury rethink about their ingredients. If there are voices we had initially termed ‘angelic’, please accept my apologies, the stakes just went up, shit done changed bruh. She takes the crown. She pulls and curves her words in a manner likely to suggest how sensual things can…. Don’t go there. We were talking about music here you perverts! For the sake of those who had already tuned their minds, I will be a gentleman enough and complete the conversation. She has a way of breathing life into mortal words, making them forever etched in ones’ heart of hearts. Ladies and gentlemen (mostly) her name is Spice Diana, the queen of Ugandan music. Come to think of it, you must be royal to have that name Diana. 

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not just me who finds Ugandan ladies irresistible. Even the mighty Nameless is obsessed with them that he had to learn Luganda in order to charm one of them beaus. In lieu of the above, I’ve already registered for my Luganda classes and I must say I’m progressing pretty well. Right now I can comfortably use big big words like ‘umukwano’. Aheim! 

Her energy is propelling. You just need to listen to a number of her dance music tracks like Sitoma or Onsanula to acknowledge this. Her vocal control is great, this is evident in the single Ulala. My my this queen can make all the troubles fade into oblivion just by her vocal prowess. matter of fact, there can be far much lesser problems in this world if all could just take a minute everyday and listen to  therapeutic music like hers. Forget about those damn hospitals or useless peace treaties, all we need is one Spice Diana to sing for us and the world would be just fine.

My favorite is Nze Akwagala where she boldly confesses that she will do it for me. My body is ready Diana, I can gladly replace that teddy bear that you caress fondly, or the tree that enjoys the pleasure of your hug. Can’t you see that I’m missing your love? I swear I will never take your love for granted Spice. Ooh God I love it when a resilient African lady sings like this. Beyonce can’t tell me nothing, sorry i’m not sorry Jay! 

YouTube : Spice Diana


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