AAA Delivery: #Radio – Home Grown [Malawi]

Jambo Africa and Hello everyone. How thankful we are for seeing this year, the year of the Lord. The year of living our dreams. The year of making our motherland proud! Now sons and daughters of Africa, thou shall go out there and achieve thy resolutions.

Where I’m from, greetings are part of our culture. You don’t start a conversation without first greeting someone. Heck, we don’t even care if you had a terrible night, just greet the damn people! I don’t know about your culture, but I’d like to think Africa is one, therefore, we are all one loving and caring people. 

Last year, I tweeted Home Grown that Africa needs a video from them. I’m not sure if that’s what motivated them, but I could careless. They took hid and guess what, the gents have given us a video! If that’s not a great start to 2015, please tell me what more I should be looking for. And ooh, it’s an insult to me and the entire AAA if you ask who “Home Grown Africa” is. That sentence looks incorrect but hey, this is not a grammar class. We are here to face the music, literally.  They are redefining music, all across the world. J. Cole is leading the movement. The “call for better content” movement.

In Africa, the only artistes I have faith in, to spearhead that movement is Malawi’s own HGA. From the first time we listened to their debut, it was clear as the Nile that the boys were out to redefine how art is done. True to their call, they have relentlessly done that in the number of releases they have graced us with. Music that not only sparks a radiance in your heart, but seethes it’s way deep into your soul. They don’t make songs, nay, they never make music either. They give life to art. The beauty of it all is how effortlessly their ideas come to fruition. I really want Africa to get behind these guys and just help showcase their talent to the world. Like really make the world see just how amazing the sons of our motherland are. 

As you marinate on that, how about starting your day with Radio? Straight from the streets of Blantyre, or is it Lilongwe? It’s going to be a good year, and that’s not even my own words, Hayze said them. Let that sink in. 

Facebook: Home Grown Africa

Twitter: @homegrown265


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