All Around Africa : Ang3lina [Uganda]


I love shorts, short shorts. I like very short shorts for my girl, I guess they are called hot pants? There is something Hot about hot pants. Something extremely hot about a lady wearing hot pants.  I want a lady who wears them. You know one thing about hot pants, you have to put the ‘hot’ in the pants. You just have to, no two ways around it. So sweetie, you have to be hot to wear the pants. But that’s not what I wan to talk about today really, I’ve just been thinking lately, about hot ladies and the idea come to mind. Never mind me. I ate bananas yesterday.

Whenever I eat bananas, I think of all the beautiful ladies in Uganda. Word has it that Uganda doesn’t have girls, just princesses and queens. I tend to agree. Girls are the kind that go to every rave, get drunk and act all ratchet. Ugandan ladies are behaved and well groomed. Zari is a case study however, let’s not go there. Plus Diamond is my brother-in-law and my people respect their in-laws more than anything… 

So Ugandan women, aheim, queens, are out to conquer the East African hearts and everything in between. Kenyan ladies need to be very scared because unlike them, Ugandan sisters can actually cook a meal, and shake a bum. Two things that can get you tenancy in any man’s heart. As if that is not enough rage in trhe ocean, the mamas can sing their way to you bed, oops, I mean head. The thing about Ugandan music is, you can’t even try to box it. Their artistes are very diverse, one time you are dancing and screaming and the next, you just want to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in your better half’s ears. That’s how unorthodox their music makes you. For Ang3lina, her’s will make you will call the nearest wedding planner and book appointments.

I don’t know how these queens are brought up but God bless their mothers. We love you sincerely. In music it’s simple, your environment practically dictates your view, hence constituting to your subject matter. For Ang3lina to sing this well, so passionately about love. She must have love all around her. So much love that she is willing to share with the world. Such a kind heart. You should listen to Sigwa Kukoma, she is giving it out son, her all. Are you the lucky guy? I envy you. Anyone can make songs about party and getting high, just from a seeing others experience it. When it comes to love, you have to feel it to sing it. 

The love that dwells in Ang3lina is so priceless, she doesn’t even want your money. What is that men were complaining about again? That ladies are just gold diggers? Well, Ang3lina just cross checked that; Beamer, Benz and Bentley means nothing to her momma! Ghetto loving, I love this woman. Something in her voice just tickles you, in the right places of course. Just one thing, I hope no idiot heartbreaks this woman, I wouldn’t stand that sweet voice crying in a heartbreak song. It will be too painful to listen. 

If all this don’t move you yet, she is done beating around the bush (do people still use that?). Now she boldly declares that she will be the one; to kiss, touch and caress you, love you every night and day.  I don’t know about you, but my body is ready! She wants to be more than just a friend. I want that too 🙂 Hehee, Ang3lina knows how to craft her art. The things your music do to me are unfair. I won’t even get to the video bit, this right here is a great song. I can dance, ride and make love to it. In the one, she tells you her story, puts everything out there for you dimwits who hadn’t got with the program all this while. The hook is very catchy, the beat is bananas ( I just had to do that) and her vocals are heavenly. Hey Ang3l, I won’t mess with a diva, I will cherish you. So when is our wedding?

Things are changing real fast and those who hold on to traditions are labeled Old school. As much as I want to move with time, these beautiful daughters of Africa leave me no options sons, I’ll just have to be a polygamous bruh. Look, I’m still negotiating the dowry payment with Spice Diana’s folks and now here  comes Ang3lina. I’m spoilt for choice, Uganda is out to get me in totality. I’m not complaining though. Would you?

Another daughter is out here making our motherland proud. It’s now on you to support a great artiste. Thank you for sharing the love in your music Ang3lina, we love your beautiful sound. 

Facebook: Ang3lina

Twitter: @Ang3linamusic


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