AAA Video Of The Week: #Afemakpor – Delasi [Ghana]

I’m was listening to Hayze Engolah’s Good Year then Rich Gang’s Lifestyle came right up next on the playlist. Sigh, now thats some rap with a crap next to it. I’m on my Lupe shit right now so expect lots of love with some hate next to it.

Have you ever listened to an artiste and by the time the record done played you just sit there brainstorming on what you’ve heard, like you spent four or so minutes in a psychology class in Yale or Harvard? Lupe is that professor! I love content. I love good music. Most importantly, I worship artistes who are courageous enough to sail against the tides. I like when my music challenges my intelligence. That’s when I know it’s art in it’s best form.

There is too much Hollywood in todays music. Ceteris paribus, there ought to be too much music in Hollywood, but that’s not even right. Real art has always been known to shy away from the glitz and glamour. I don’t discourage artistes to buy all the gold they can, heck, go and get all blinged up my guy. How else will they know that art is paying when you walk around tattered? Just remember to respect and pay homage to the miners, they made you look. And shine. We are from different schools of thought, and lifestyle. I still gladly mark my register in the School Of Hard Knocks, you are invited to try but that class is hard to join though so you might wanna stick to your YOLO. Just saying, I’m I?

There are videos we post here immediately they are released, but no, not this one. I tried and failed miserably. There are videos that give you so much to talk about, baselessly. But not this one. When an artiste takes time to craft his art in such away that it evokes the intelligence in your medulla, you can’t rush to write about it, unless you are rushing to prove your ignorance. So I watched, and watched, quietly. Each and every time finding some new aspect to it, some magic I had missed initially. And I watched again, some more. Trying to piece it all together. To visualize what really was on this gentleman’s mind when he made this piece of art. Ingenius.

My brain ranks up there with Einstein’s ( oh no he just bragged!) but this music right here gave me so much to think about. To ponder. I had to digest it carefully, and still ended up with nothing to talk about. You know that thing they say, about being silent and looking wise than to speak and erase all the doubts? I think I was experiencing that moment. But good music never remains quiet, it finds it’s way around no matter what. So I was going to either sit back and watch it maneuver, or help show it the way. You can guess the choice I made. If you have ever, and I mean ever ever wondered what an African Hip Hop sounds like, then your wonderland trip just came to a hault. Delasi done put a face to that mystery. 

This is one of the most beautifully crafted work of art I’ve witnessed thus far. Only coming second to Home Grown Africa’s debut track. Had I listened to the audio, I would never have waited for a video to Afemakpor. You can’t trust anybody to direct a video to this kind of jewel. Especially this Hollywood directors we have around. But I guess like me, great minds think alike and so the director understood exactly the enormous task he/she had at hand. To either make or break a classic. And make he did. Assuming it’s a gentleman. When art peacefully blends with nature, the gods are happy and you can feel the angels roaming the heavens, blissfully singing praises to the Almighty. Praises of how proud they are with the works of his creation. His own image. All the while pointing down at Delasi. 

This is our first encounter with a Ghanaian artiste and if this is what goes on in the land of cassava and plantain, then goodbye Nairobi, I’m heading West. Just pray for me that the Jujus of Naija music will not intercept a brother, cause then I’ll be gone. Gone baby, gone.

If you are an aspiring artiste, you need to take time, not to watch, but to study this Delasi video. Take a pen and a paper if you have to. And no, not an iPad, get a freaking foolscap and take notes. See how REAL art is done, then send a ‘thank you’ note to this Ghanaian brother for a free lesson he has blessed you with. The only thing I would have added to that video is a group of African women, energetically, tirelessly and rhythmically pounding yams. Chanting the BGVs! As of now, this is the closest to perfection we can get.

Enjoy a real African work of art. Good job Delasi, we hope you will not limit your giving hand and thus, bless us with more. You just found home in AAA. 

Facebook: Delasi

Twitter: @Delasimusic


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